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Teaching Executive Function Skills for Success in the Classroom
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Due to funding guidelines: Oakland County Public School & PSA Employees will receive priority registration and seating for this event.

Title: Executive Function Skills for Success in the Classroom
January 19, 2016
Time(s): 9:00 AM-3:30 PM
Location: Oakland Schools, 2111 Pontiac Lake Rd., Waterford 48328
Cost: $15.00 Oakland County Public School Employees and PSA’s will be given priority registration.
$30.00 Out of County, Private Schools and Agencies will be wait listed and notified of space available.
Presenter(s): Sarah Ward MS., CCC-SLP
Class Limit: 250
Prerequisite Knowledge: none
Grade Level: 3rd - 8th
Audience: Oakland County Public School Educators & PSA Employees, general education teachers, speech/language pathologist, school psychologists, school counselors, school social workers and special education teachers
SCECHs: Pending. Check the status of this course at:
SW-CEH (Social Worker Continuing Education Hours): Pending. Please come prepared to provide your license number at registration.
Meal(s): Coffee and lunch
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Event Description:

What skills do students need to learn to be organized and successfully manage their own time and tasks in the classroom? This multidisciplinary workshop will provide practical, hands- on strategies to develop students' executive functions skills for success in school. The term 'Executive Function' is used to describe the skill set required for setting goals, carrying out organized steps  and modifying a plan to complete a task successfully, all of which are vital for academic and social success in elementary and middle school classrooms. Classroom teachers, special educators and ancillary staff will learn how to work together and use strategies such as 'Tuning In, "Get Ready-Do-Done, 'STOP and Read the Room", and Seeing and Sensing the Passage of Time' to support the success of all students in a classroom, including students with IEPs. Beginners and advanced participants will learn and practice these strategies to improve students' awareness, working memory, hindsight and forethought skills, impulse control, cognitive flexibility, organization and time/task management.