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CANCELLED - Celebrate Hope Seminar 

Title: Celebrate Hope Seminar
Date(s): November 17, 2018
Time(s): 12:00 - 3:00 PM
Location: Oakland Schools, Pontiac Lake Road, Waterford 48328
Cost: Free
Class Limit: 36
Knowledge: None
Grade Level: K-Adult
Audience: Parents/caregivers of children with unique or special needs; Oakland County LEA and PSA only
Meal(s): Coffee and a snack
Questions? Please contact
Event Description:

"Finding Hope"- This Celebrate Hope Seminar is a foundational entry point for parents/caregivers who have a child with unique and special needs and are searching for help and support in understanding emotional trauma and unique coping skills that can be implemented to live a more balanced and healthy life. Upon completion of the seminar parents/caregivers are encouraged to move into Monthly Support Gatherings.

Support Gatherings: Celebrate Hope LLC will provide continuing support for parents that have attended our seminar. Oakland Schools is collaborate with two local districts, Berkley and Southfield, to host two Celebrate Hope seminars and support gathering series beginning in October 2018. These gatherings are opportunities for parents to experience additional, ongoing support while enhancing coping and problem solving skills.