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Culturally Responsive Teaching - Virtual (4 Day Event)
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Title: Culturally Responsive Teaching (4 Day Event)
Date(s): April 8, 15, 21 & 26, 2021
Time(s): 4:00 - 6:00 PM
Location: Virtual
Cost: Free
Class Limit: 60
Knowledge: None
Grade Level: K-12
Audience:  General Education Teachers; Administrators; Para Educators, Social Workers; Teacher Consultants; Counselors
SCECHs: Pending. Check the status of this course at:
SW-CEH (Social Worker Continuing Education Hours): Pending. Please come prepared to provide your license number at registration.
Questions? Please contact

The online link will be sent to you shortly before the event.
Event Description:

This interactive professional learning series will provide participants with an opportunity to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to teach and provide support for the education of students who are identified as ethnically diverse.

Areas as of focus will include:

 1) Self-Reflection and Awareness; 2) Knowing Your Students and Becoming Culturally Competent; 3) Creating a Culturally Responsive Learning Environment; and 4) Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies for Diverse Learners.